About Us

Launceston Toyota prides itself on being a franchise of the Toyota Motor Corporation Limited - a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of quality vehicles around the world.

Launceston Toyota has a proud history which has led us to where we are today, bringing our customers a modern motor vehicle dealership that utilises knowledgeable sales staff, the latest technology and a great brand that you can trust.

When you buy a Toyota you can be certain that your vehicles meets the strict standards of quality, durability and reliability.

Launceston Toyota has friendly sales staff that can meet all of your needs and strive to make your time in our dealership a pleasant experience.

If you do decide to purchase a vehicle from us then you can rest assured that it is being treated with the respect it deserves by our team of factory trained technicians.

These highly skilled technicians will look after your vehicle during the course of its life and can also fit any parts and accessories you purchase for your vehicle from our parts and accessories department.

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